Grant Makeovers

Bring in your tired grant proposal for a make-over!

Have you seen the TV shows where someone gets spirited away for a session at the spa, salon and boutique? The person returns with a new hairdo, a new outfit, and new confidence. ResourceWorks can help you refresh and renew your funding proposal.

5 "Working" 3-hour Sessions

1 - Open the front door with a strong letter of intent

2 - Compose a need statement that makes the case a priority

3 - Perk up your proposal narrative, outputs and outcomes

4 - Tell the story with a precise budget & revenue plan

5 - Prove your impact with a solid program evaluation design

AGENDA for each session

 I. Welcome and Introduction to your peer group of 10 simpatico people 

II. Constructive Feedback on your “Before” from your peers and the pros 

III. Training on Tips and Techniques

IV. Re-working time with the pros (bring your laptop) 

 V. Presenting the “Afters” -- and an award to the “most improved”    

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